Start out here when discovering the API

This is an endpoint available for authenticated users, that will return basic information about the API. Example:

  _self: { href: "/api/v1", methods: [ "GET" ] },
  _version: "v1",
  _description: "DebitLlama Api v1",
  _links: [
    { href: "/api/v1/accounts", methods: [ "GET" ] },
    { href: "/api/v1/items", methods: [ "GET", "PUT" ] },
    { href: "/api/v1/payment_intents", methods: [ "GET" ] },
    { href: "/api/v1/relayer", methods: [ "GET" ] },
    { href: "/api/v1/transactions", methods: [ "GET" ] }
  artifacts: [
    { name: "ConnectedWallets", href: "/ConnectedWallets.json" },
    { name: "VirtualAccounts", href: "/VirtualAccounts.json" }
  supported_networks: [
      name: "BTT Donau Testnet",
      rpc: "https://pre-rpc.bt.io/",
      chain_id: "0x405",
      virtual_accounts_contract: "0x2137F4096365bCA1457E945838e0d7EC1925A973",
      connected_wallets_contract: "0xc65DDA2E81dB71C998D08A525D70dFA844BF5D3e",
      currency: "BTT",
      available_currencies: [
        { name: "BTT", native: true, contract_address: "" },
          name: "USDTM",
          native: false,
          contract_address: "0x4420a4415033bd22393d3A918EF8d2c9c62efD99"

It will return a base response defined in the schema and some extra parameters to help access the Smart Contracts!


You can fetch the smart contract artifacts to access the ABI and call functions directly. The artifacts are served by the application as static json files.

Supported Networks

The list of currently supported networks is returned by the API with the smart contract addresses that contain the accounts used with DebitLlama. You can query on-chain balances locally if you like using the addresses and the Abis.

You can access the endpoint like this using fetch:

await fetch("https://debitllama.com/api/v1", {
    method: "GET",
    headers: {
      "Authorization": `Bearer ${accesstoken}`,

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