The future is passkeys and we have implemented them for 2Fa
After signing up you should add a passkey to your account. This will make spending from your account more secure.

Click register to add a new device

When you click on register, yo uare prompted to add an authentication device. You can add an Android phone, IPhone, Yubi key or Windows Hello.
After the passkey has been added the 2FA is on. You can add multiple devices.

Click remove to remove a device

If you want to remove a device, you need to click remove and verify you own it. After the verification the device will be removed. If you remove all authenticators, the 2FA will be turned off.

I lost my authenticator

If you lost your authenticator but you can still access your account you can just add a new one to use. However you won't be able to disable 2FA login at any point later.

My account got compromised

If you think your account is compromised contact us as soon as possible using slack.
You can always disconnect your connected wallet using your metamask wallet that created it! This will cancel all subscriptions but it's better to be safe. You can create a new account again, any time!
Last modified 4mo ago