Comparing Account types

Which account is the best for you?

Choose Virtual Account If

  • You need to spend Native tokens. Currently there is no other way to do it for connected wallets, the native token would need to be wrapped into an ERC-20 first, like WETH to spend with a connected wallet.
  • You want to create a separate account for each subscription payment. This lets you add balance for them separately while using the same tokens.
  • You want to share passwords with your family. Sharing is not recommended, but if you share accounts with somebody else you should create a separate virtual account for them to spend from.

Chose Connected Wallet If

  • You only make payments using ERC-20 tokens.
  • You have a Cold wallet you want to keep secure while making payments from it.
  • You can control the allowed spending balance with ERC-20 allowance, optionally you can approve a large spend and top up the cold wallet as you go!
  • You don't mind using a single account for multiple subsciptions. Wallet accounts can't be duplicated with the same EOA, token and chain. This means if you have a USDT Connected Wallet with EOA address X on BTTC, than that account can't be created twice. It can be however closed and recreated

Do you regurarly use Metamask?

Then maybe virtual accounts are better.

Do you want to set it and forget it and keep the wallet offline?

Then a Connected wallet will do!