Checkout page

Here you can find information about the Checkout page. The example uses BTT Testnet and Virtual Accounts for payments!

When navigating to the checkout page, you will be greeted with the following layout:

You can see the parameters of the subscription and ? tooltips for more information. You need to sign up or login to continue.

If you don't have an account to pay for the subscription you will be prompted to create one with your wallet.

If you have an account but with insufficient balance you are prompted to top it up with the remaining balance. Your account only needs to have sufficient balance for the first payment

When you are done you will be prompted to finish checkout

If you configured a passkey 2FA you will need to do that first


Entering your account password

This is a secure page that contains the necessary steps to recreate the secret used for the ZKP cryptography!

As you can see on the page, DebitLlama provides no warranties of any kind and it's not responsible for the services merchants provide for the subscriptions. All we do is submit transactions on behalf of users. If you think you have been scammed by a merchant, you need to cancel the subscription asap. The funds transferred are non-recoverable!

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