Managing your items

This page explains how to manage your debit items

Navigate to the items page

On the Items page you can see all the debit items you created, in a searchable and sortable table.

Click on one of the rows to access the item page

Here you can find the DebitItem page. On this page you can navigate to the checkout by clicking on the buy it now button !

You find information on how to embedd the buy button on any website, you can update the redirect url and will see the payment intents created for the item on the bottom.

The parameters of the items are permanent but you can choose to deactivate it any time.

if you deactivated an item, the checkout page will be turned off, but you can choose to reactive it any time.

The subscriptions created for this item will continue to process even if it's deactivated however new subscriptions can't be created anymore.

Click on the Buy it Now button and you will be redirected to the checkout page!

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